Transportation themed Yarn Bombs

Believe it or not, we aren’t the only ones to think of covering large transportation objects in yarn.   We’re hoping to break a Guinness World Record, for the largest transportation based yarn bomb in Canada.    The DC-3 airplane is just over 7000 square feet and it spins!

Check out these other innovative yarn bombs

Magda is pretty much the queen of yarn bombing.  She started the movement in the mid 2000s after covering the door handle of her shop with a knitted cozy.  She and her colleaguse formed one of the first knitting graffiti crews, Knitta Please.  Then she decided to yarn bomb everything, she has yarn bombed for the Gap, Absolute Vodka and many more. Yarn Bombing has totally become her business, check out her fabulous blog, her online store and of course her website.

For more of Janet’s yarn based artwork, check out this site

These excavators are some serious yarn bombing competition for the records of largest yarn bombed transportation based machine.  Check out the article by Art Info on Olek’s creation.  If you haven’t seen Agata’s work before, she’s incredibly prolific, crocheting every single thing in her home, check out her site.

Check out all of Theresa’s creations here.

Here’s another great video from Madga, yarn bombing a prius

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