An Introduction

The Yarn  Bomb Yukon Collective consists of crafters & cultural workers Jessica Vellenga, Bree-An Lucas and Vanessa Corkal. The collective was started in the depths of winter in Whitehorse, YT in 2012.  We three have  been friends for years, and started crafting together regularly in 2011-2012.  Unofficially we’ve been yarn bombing the North for a while now, but we decided to make the YBY Collective official to create and support the Knitting for History: Yarn  Bombing the DC-3 project.  We are super excited to create what may become the largest yarn bomb to date!  We’ll be hosting workshops and knitting bees around the Yukon as well as knit nights at local venues and Jessica’s studio.  Stay tuned to our blog for updates and workshop dates.

For more about us and the YBY Collective, please check out who we are and the About section of our site.