Road Trip

For Easter weekend we ventured north to Dawson for the International Short Film Festival.  We spent the weekend knitting, watching short films, exploring and of course yarn bombing.  My vote for best short film goes to Veronika Verkley for her film, A Working Cat’s Guide to the Klondike  “A little known part of Yukon History, cat sledding was unique to the area of Dawson City, Yukon.”

The lights were kind enough to put on a show for us in front of the Yukon School of Visual Arts.

The snow is beginning to melt just enough for the antlers to start peeking out.

Visiting Dawson isn’t complete without a stop to the dump (best free store ever) and of course my favourite second hand store ever.  We came out with a box and suitcase full of blankets.

Bree-An, looking proud that we managed to fit 16 blankets into the tiny suitcase and box.

A car full of yarn bombing supplies! It took a bit of tetris-like strategizing to fit our luggage back into the car after our thrift store shopping trip.

Of course we spent all our spare time knitting.