Yarn Bombing Atlin, BC

We had a wonderful time at the Atlin Arts & Music Festival. Thanks to everyone who stopped in for free knitting and crochet lessons or just stopped in to chat about the project.  We were thrilled to hear how many people knew about the project and wanted a progress updated.

While we were knitting, offering workshops and listening to wonderful music, we just had to yarn bomb a little bit of Atlin too.

yarn bombed bench with a view of Atlin Lake and the M.V. Tarahne

Yarn bombing outside the lovely Globe Theatre

Long line outside the Globe Theatre waiting for the wonderful Ivan Coyote. Sadly we weren’t able to get in.

Our colourful yarn bombed workshop booth and sales table

Our workshop booth where we offered free knitting and crochet lessons while listening to wonderful music.

Yarn Bombing Kershaw’s Gallery