Yarn Bombing the DC-3 Part 1

We’ve begun to the construction of yarn bombing the DC-3.  We had to move all of the inventory out of my studio, to the Old Fire Hall where we will be stitching everything together.

My studio with about half of the inventory.

We filed the Yukon Arts Centre car and had to do two trips to get all the knitting to the Old Fire Hall.

All the blankets ready to be unpacked.

All of our wonderful donations!

On the first week we worked with architects to tape down a pattern of the fuselage and the wing of the airplane.  From there we assembled our inventory  and began to lay down the blankets to fit the pattern and then sew them all together.  We are hosting a sewing bee at the Old Fire Hall from Tues to Sat, 12-6 until August 10, for people to sit and stitch a little or a lot with us.  Everyone is welcome, all supplies are provided. Or just drop in to see how the project is going.

Casey & Bree, plotting out the floor plan for the DC-3

Technical drawings of the DC-3 pattern on our work station

Bree & Steve beginning to tape out the floor plan

Casey sewing together blankets

I’m sewing the smaller blankets into our 4×6 pattern

One half of the fuselage. The top and the bottom where it meets the wings and will wrap around the base.

Our volunteers sewing together parts of the DC-3 Yarn Bomb. Barb’s her husband flew in the DC-3 in Whitehorse in the 70’s (on the left).  Evie, on the right was a pilot for a different DC-3.