Our latest yarn bomb – Lenore the 1969 GMC 4×4 Truck

The yarn Bomb Yukon Collective wanted to do a smaller scale transportation themed yarn bomb before we yarn bombed the DC-3.  This allowed for a practice run to test the stretch of yarn, the best cords and ties to use and to have a lot of fun on a Friday morning.   Casey McLaughlin, Director and Curator for the Yukon Transportation Museum kindly offered her truck Lenore, the 1969 GMC 4×4, as our first large scale yarn bomb.  You can see the finished product at the Yukon Transportation Museum, 30 Electra Crescent, Next to the Whitehorse Airport. She’ll be on display for the next 10 days or so.

Drafting out the yarn bomb for Lenore. Bottom piece is the grill, 2nd in line is the back of the cab, the roof and the cab and beside that the hood. The side panels were made of extra pieces of varying sizes.  The background is part 1 of the fuselage of the DC-3 during our Sewing Bee at the Old Fire Hall.

We used a variety of yarns that we weren’t allowed to use on the DC-3, such as felted wool, cotton, glitter yarn and synthetic yarns of unknown fibres.  Val our local conservator was on hand to photograph the body of the truck before and she’ll be documenting if the different types of yarn do or do not do damage to the body of the truck after they’ve endured the elements.  We’ll wash the blankets once we remove them from Lenore and then add them to the DC-3 yarn bomb.

My car with Lenore’s yarn bomb, which has been filled off and on with yarn over the last 6 months.

Lenore Before

Our great volunteer crew, Amber and Tyler and their dog Shiloh who has become official mascot of this project.  Tyler was on hand to document the whole process, which included creating a time laps of the yarn bomb.

Casey working away on stitching it together

Our wonderful crew: Tyler, Amber, Ben, Casey, Val and Cathy testing the cord we bought to secure the yarn.  Unfortunately it was not sash cord (a blended cotton rope used on airplane covers), but paper rope, which snapped as soon as we tied it to the bottom of the truck.  Being Yukoners, we didn’t let this minor issue hold us back, we all opened trunk of our cars and pulled out rope from our emergency kits and used that as well as extra rope Val was able to pick up.

Lenore, almost finished.

Lenore After!