Yarn Bombing the DC-3 Part 2

We’ve been busy working away at sewing together the yarn bomb for the DC-3.  The weeks have flown by and I’ve been so busy sewing, I wasn’t able to update the blog as much.   On this post, you can see how we started.  In the photos below you can see our process for working within the pattern and the best part – the wonderful donations from all across North America. Can you find your donation?

Tomorrow we’ll be at the Old Fire Hall making the finishing touches, enforcing the top fuselage portions, labeling each piece and packing it all up.  Our installation is this Saturday if the weather permits.

We thought it would be fun to make a video to show you what we did in two weeks in twelve seconds.

Our team of wonderful volunteers! Thank you Heather, Morgen, Carol, Carmen, Barb C. and Barb for taking time to sew and for the great conversation.

fuselage part 1

Folding up the completed fuselage with a view of the pattern for the wings (yellow) and fuselage (blue).

Laying out fuselage part 2

Finished fuselage

Wing 1

Wing 2