Sewing Bee wrap up

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow we finally being to install the yarn bomb for the DC-3!  We’ve been working on the project for over six months and are so excited to start the installation.  We’ll be hosting a live twitter feed (#yarnbombyukon) and facebook updates as the install progresses.  Everyone is welcome to stop by and see how the install is going on Saturday.  We’ll be there, bright and early at 8am to get our safety training for operating boom lifts and scissors lifts.  If the weather conditions are on our side, we’ll be installing all day.

Here’s a few shots from the last three weeks sewing together the DC-3.  Thanks to the Yukon Arts Centre for donating the space. We had a wonderful, dedicated team of volunteers to help out.

To see the entire process and video, check out this post.

Claire sewing the last stitch of the DC-yarn bomb.

This photo shows just how huge the wings and DC-3 are as we look very tiny wrapping up the left wing, the bundle on the side is the right wing.

The fuselage of the DC-3 and in the foreground the yarn bomb for the base.

Back to the beginning pattern as we finish cleaning up