Dawson: You Bring It, We Yarn Bomb It

In an effort to spread some yarn bomb  love around at the Riverside Arts Festival, we hosted a you bring it, we yarn bomb it workshop.  Members of the public were invited to bring us objects to yarn bomb or suggest objects around town to yarn bomb.  There were quite a few requests to covered some well loved landmarks in yarn, you can see the photos in this post.  It was so much fun to see what people would bring to be yarn bombed.  We yarn bombed hats, cell phone cases, camera cases, cast iron wheels, bike helmets and a caribou skull!

We will continue to yarn bomb Whitehorse and beyond and are open to suggestions, offers and commissions from individuals and organizations.    Please post on our facebook wall, send us an email or tweet on what you think our next project should be.  We’ll continue to yarn bomb and free offer knitting, crochet and yarn bombing workshops, teaching classes, and leading community/fibre base art projects.

A cast iron wheel, owned by Holly who wanted us to yarn bomb it to add to his festival stage/art installation. Holly also made the bench we yarm bombed on the Dome, he like it so much he wanted something yarn bombed to bring back home.

Two very happy yarn bombing recipients.