Yarn Bombing @ Theatre in the Bush

I’m super excited to be yarn bombing for Ramshakle Theatre’s annual Theatre in the Bush.  I’ll be there yarn bombing, but we want you to join us!  Yarn Bomb Yukon will supply small knitted and crochet yarn bombs for you to take and yarn bomb to your hearts delight.  Yarn bomb in the bush, or save it for something else that sparks your imagination.

What is it and how does it work?   Check out Brian’s website for all the details, but here’s an outline

September 22nd @ 8pm

7 artists. 

7 locations drawn from a hat. 

All on 2 and 1/2 acres almost in the middle of nowhere.

This is our third year of THEATRE IN THE BUSH !

This year we’re presenting the show on the equinox, Saturday September 22nd.We’re returning to our original format of guided tours to see the shows.

We’ve lined up an all star group of performers and artists who will gather a week before the show and draw their location from a hat.  They then have one week to pull together a performance, installation or presentation in the middle of the bush for you to come and see.

How does it work on the night of the show?

You bring your flashlight, warm clothing and your flask.  We give you an evening of tromping around in the bush stumbling on theatre and random art.  We’ll gather at the fire, split off into groups and then you’ll travel the site with a guide and see 7 shows over the course of 2 hours.

Who will be performing?

You’ll see brand new work from a wide range of performers.  From salty Yukon playwrights to ambitious 10 year old kids.  We’ve got it all!  Actually we have no idea what we’ve got, but we’ll all find out on the 22nd.