You Bring, We Yarn Bomb It, at the Riverside Arts Festival

The Riverside Arts Festival, held annually in August in Dawson, YT, is one of our favorite art festival and we were very happy to be returning to yarn bomb Dawson. We held our free knitting classes, and our favorite, you bring it we yarn bomb it interactive art project!  Members of the public were invited to bring us objects to yarn bomb or suggest objects around town to yarn bomb.   It was so much fun to see what people would bring to be yarn bombed.  More highlights from our last year‘s yarn bombs and had so much fun, yarn bombing bike helmets, antlers and the famous Dome bench made by Holly. This year we yarn bombed the School of Visual Arts (SOVA), bikes, including a penny farthing! shoes and a picnic table as and a few other sites around town.DSCN0313 DSCN0308 DSCN0306 DSCN0303 DSCN0292 DSCN0290 DSCN0248 DSCN0246 DSCN0242 DSCN0237 DSCN0234 DSCN0211 DSCN0203 DSCN0210