New Video: Yarn Bombing Lenore the 1969 GMC 4×4 Truck

Here’s the time laps video of us yarn bombing the 1969 GMC Lenore by Tyler Kuhn.  Tyler and his wife Amber volunteered to help assemble the yarn bomb with us, along with staff… Continue reading

Our latest yarn bomb – Lenore the 1969 GMC 4×4 Truck

The yarn Bomb Yukon Collective wanted to do a smaller scale transportation themed yarn bomb before we yarn bombed the DC-3.  This allowed for a practice run to test the stretch of yarn,… Continue reading

Yarn Bombing the DC-3 Part 1

We’ve begun to the construction of yarn bombing the DC-3.  We had to move all of the inventory out of my studio, to the Old Fire Hall where we will be stitching everything… Continue reading

Yarn Bombing Atlin, BC

We had a wonderful time at the Atlin Arts & Music Festival. Thanks to everyone who stopped in for free knitting and crochet lessons or just stopped in to chat about the project. … Continue reading

Upcoming Workshops and events

Sewing Bee at the Old Fire Hall – Tuesday to Saturday 12-6 from July 24 to August 10 Please drop by to sit and stitch together the yarn bomb for the DC-3. Stitch… Continue reading

Thank you!

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us with the project, our local Knitting for History team and everyone who donated yarn and supplies from granny squares to blankets.  We are… Continue reading

CF-CPY: The History of the Plane

More info from our wonderful yarn bombing team, a note on the history of the DC-3 by Ben Barrett-Forrest, intern at the Yukon Transportation Museum.  Our yarn bomb target is more than just… Continue reading

Yarn Bombing a DC-3: A Conservator’s Perspective

As I’ve mentioned before, it takes a team to yarn bomb the DC-3 plane and each of our team members has a unique story to tell about their involvement in the project.  Local… Continue reading

Atlin Arts and Music Festival

Yarn Bomb Yukon is thrilled to be offering workshops and demos at the Atlin Arts and Music Festival.  If you are heading to Atlin this weekend, please stop by our table to learn… Continue reading

How to Yarn Bomb a Plane

So just what does it take to yarn bomb a DC-3?  Well a whole team of experts from many different backgrounds.  As the DC-3 is a historic artifact, part of the Yukon Transportation… Continue reading