Thank You Volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who made this project possible, my dear friends in the Yarn Bomb Yukon Collective Vanessa Corkal and Bree- An Lucas, our project partners Director/Curator Casey Lee and staff at the Yukon Transportation Museum and Gallery Director Mary Bradshaw, Marketing Director Jerome Stuart, Gallery Intern Lusia Stetkiewicz and staff at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery, Arts Fund for funding the project, our conservator Valery Monahan and Cathie Richie Collections Management Advisor, Museums Unit, architects at Northern Front Studio Mary Ellen Read and Stephen Clayton, staff at Nomad Air, our install crew from Ketza Construction, Amber Church and Tyler Khun for photographing the yarn bombs and for their awesome support, the Skill Share Festival, Fireweed Community Market, Atlin Arts and Music Festival and Riverside Arts Festival for allowing us to teach knitting and crochet and demonstrate yarn bombing, everyone who donated yarn and supplies from granny squares to blankets and everyone who came out to sit and stitch together the yarn bomb for the DC-3 and to help out and support us on during the install on Saturday.  If I’ve forgotten anyone I’m sorry, there are so many wonderful people to thank.

Thank you to each and every one of you has helped make this project possible – we couldn’t have done it without you!  The support from so many people what makes a public art project of this scale so wonderful.

List of Contributors

Ariel Sawyer

Mary Amstrong

Paula Pasquali

Fay Watts

Paulette Whyville

Olga O’shea

Lucas O’Shea

Gabriella O’Shea

Amber Gibson

Sophia Gibson

Sherrie Bates

Hannah Brown

Elaine Jewitt

Betty Laxson

Justine McDonnell

Nancy White

Sharon Vellenga

David Hackney

Wendy Chambers

Inge Van Veen

Barb Bowen

Linda Cameron

Lou McCrae

Barbra Irving

Jan Langford

Corrie Baumel

Helen Dobrowolski



Lena Neilson

Elyn Jones

Billy Rose

Sally Shepard

Barbara Scheck

Winona Scheck

Judy Forest

Cathy Meyer

Louise Rose

Dawn Macdonald

Patch Groenewegen

Francoise La Roche

Heather Grant

M. Lianci

Natalie Toppin

Jen Williams

Janice Brody

Edna Marynowski

Tammy Kelland

Mae Bacher Animal Shelter

Annie-Claude Letendre

Nathalie Dugas

Liam Mather

Barbara Adam

Las Vegas Yarnstormers

Melody Brice

Corpus Christie Yarn Bombers

Jessica Vellenga

Mary Bradshaw

Bree-An Lucas

Casey Lee

Amber Church

Alida Munro

Valery Monahan

Claire Gallagher

Cathie Richie & Milo

Amanda Dalley

Lissana Sullivan

Barb Cummings

Janice Fozard

Carol McLaughlin

Pat Daws

Virginia Labelle

Glenda Jones

Evie Watt

Tiffy Riel




Anne McKenzie


Morgen Smith

Arlin McFarlin

Sharon Stephens


Heather Sealy

Sylvie Lenoard

Sharon Westbery